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Sanitizable Apron

Keep your guests safe while still showing your unique style. This clear vinyl apron can be disinfected in between services with your favorite sanitizing wipes or sprays. One size fits most with the extra long waist straps. Can be trimmed down no problem. Comes with an elastic slotted band in the pocket to keep your tools, phone, even lip products secure. For more coverage, pull down the pocket and you will gain 6" in length.

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Hair Stylist Apron/ Tool Belt

The bleach resistant canvas apron is great for professionals such as hair stylists, barbers, and makeup artists. The outer pocket is fastened by velcro allowing the wearer to remove for easy cleaning of hair and debris. Your tools including cell phone will stay in place with the convenient elastic slots, keeping each item organized and steady. Made of high-quality bleach resistant canvas. Machine washable. Apron comes in two sizes. Each size is adjustable to be made smaller or larger. Can be worn at hight waist and low hip.

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Satin Pillow Case

A satin pillowcase has so many greater advantages compared to a regular cotton pillowcase. It helps keep your scalp & hair healthy. It prevents breakage because, unlike a cotton pillowcase, there is no heavy friction. Also, while cotton absorbs moisture, satin maintains moisture so your scalp & hair won’t be as dry.